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Excavator Seal Kit Hydraulic Repair Kit Seal Kit for Hydraulic Cylinder

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We, GUANGZHOU JIARUI SEALS CO., LTD., have been manufacturing oil seal kits for 20 years. We offer OEM and ODM services at competitive prices.

As the authorized primary agent of SKF, Hallite, NOK, DUCI, and NAK, we ensure the highest quality standards.

With a spacious warehouse spanning over 2000 square meters, we guarantee fast delivery.

We have a large stock, consisting of over 50,000 sizes and more than 3 million pieces.

If you are interested in selling our seal kits, we can provide you with all the necessary data and assistance to become an expert in your market.

Our product categories include original SKF, Hallite, NAK, NOK, and DUCI hydraulic seals/kits for construction machinery, hydraulic breaker seal kits, floating seals, and specially machined seals made by our factory.

Some of the specific seals we offer include IDI, ISI, DKBI, HBY, SPGW, SPGO, SPGA, KZT, WR, T3G, T3P, O-RING, SPN, ROI, HBTS, OUY, VA, N4W, BRT, and many more.

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JR SEAL is a modern enterprise that integrates with R&D, producing, ODM, OEM, agency and sale’s service, and modern digital warehouse more than 2000 square meters.




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